Business philosophy

Business philosophy

Unique paper maker with high uniqueness and originality.

Corporate images target

A unique company employing technology and trust opens the future with customers.

Code of conduct

  1. Compliance with laws

    We will comply with laws both domestic and international in all business activities, and carry out honest business activities in accordance with the spirit of the law.

  2. Communication with the Public

    While carrying out fair, honorable, and clear business practices, having positive communication on top of disclosing appropriate company information, we will strengthen the relationship of trust with clients, stockholders, business associates, and stakeholders in local communities.

  3. Customer Confidence

    We will gain the trust of customers through providing products/services that are useful to society as well as safe with regards to the environment.

  4. Pursuit of R & D and Industrial Technology Abilities

    We will pursue and make efforts towards research and development of products and services that create new value to people’s lives; management of safe, high quality products; and superior production that is safe and efficient.

  5. Harmony with the Environment

    We are profound in our acceptance of our obligation to deal with the “recycling nature” of the paper industry. From expanding paper recycling and non-wood paper enterprises to the protection and cultivation of forests centering on vast company-owned plantations, we will establish a research and development/production system which takes the environment into account, and while giving thoughtful consideration to harmony and coexistence with the environment in all business activities, we will attempt to decrease the burden on the environment.

  6. Coexistence with Local Communities

    Our aim is to coexist with local districts by cooperating with activities that contribute to regional development and pleasant, safe lifestyles, and to build a relationship of trust with regional communities.

  7. Solidarity of Group Members

    We aim to become “a unique business organization with a strong presence”, where the group’s executives as well as employees have a sense of solidarity as members of the same group, while being able to independently serve the community.

  8. Making an Environment of Self-Expression

    We aim for each person to be filled with a spirit of challenge, to value a sense of responsibility towards one’s own work, and to perform one’s work with desire and commitment.

  9. Acting with Prudence

    Having self-awareness as a corporate citizen and acting in accordance with social prudence, we absolutely will not respond to improper, illegal demands from antisocial influences that threaten public order or safety.

  10. Further Endeavors

    We will create a group that brims with hope for the future, where the development of the group conforms to the happiness of the individual.