Tokushu Tokai Paper Co., Ltd. Environmental Policies


Tokushu Tokai Paper Co., Ltd., based on the group's Environmental Charter, aims to enhance the environmental awareness of its employees to coexist with the neighboring society through contribution to the environmental conservation activities, etc., and at the same time, encourage the reduction of the environmental burden, as well as the preservation and effective use of resources, to propose and provide environmentally friendly products, thereby promoting environmental conservation activities that can be continually improved.


  1. We aim to reduce the environmental burden while also contributing to the environmental conservation activities of our customers through our businesses, including development, proposal, and provision of products based on the quality-first philosophy emphasizing the maximization of paper and pulp production and the procurement of fuels and raw materials, as well as the optimization of products and customer satisfaction.
  2. We set and communicate environmental purposes and goals within the organization by accurately understanding the environmental impacts from our business activities. Moreover, to improve environmental performance, we review the environment management system on both a regular and irregular basis as needed for continuous improvement.
  3. We develop an environment management system and thoroughly prevent contamination not only in the steady state but also in the unsteady state and in emergencies such as accidents.
  4. In addition to performing the obligation to comply with environmental legislation and agreements, we meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders and create voluntary standards as far as possible to contribute to environmental conservation even more.
  5. To prevent global warming, we perform energy conservation by reviewing energy use associated with business activities in our facilities and operations. Also, we aim to reduce the environmental burden on biodiversity by promoting recycling and saving resources used as raw materials.
  6. To realize a recycling-oriented society, we actively use biomass, mainly wood resources, while promoting resource-saving activities through the reduction and effective use of waste.
  7. Through environmental training and public relations activities, we ensure that this policy is understood, and environmental information is known to all employees. We also ask for the understanding and cooperation of our stakeholders.
  8. This policy is widely disclosed to the stakeholders.

Established on: September 21, 2010
Revised on: June 7, 2016

Yuji Matsuda

Certificate of Registration