Security paper


The predecessor company Tokushu Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.
was found by Dr. Katsutaro Saeki, who was involved in the development and manufacturing of banknotes at the National Printing Bureau.
We have many years of manufacturing experience for anti-counterfeit paper since our establishment in 1926.


Vouchers, stock certificates, tickets, labels, certificates, etc.

  • We have more than half the market share in Japan.
  • Stock certificates

  • Vouchers


  1. Selection of Raw Materials
    We procure high-quality materials from all over the world according to demand.
    These include wood fibers, non-wood fibers(cotton, hemp, straw), and synthetic fibers.
    The differences between raw materials bring out new textures and are also effective against counterfeiting.
  2. Anti-Counterfeiting Technology
    Our users can select from various technologies according to their requirements:
    • Watermarking technology

      Light watermark, Dark watermark etc.

    • Threading technology
      Window threads, Embedded threads etc.
    • Device inclusion technology
      Fibers, Glitters, Particles.
    • Anti-tampering technology
      Chemical sensitivity etc.
  3. Reliable Quality
    Even demanding Japanese users are satisfied with the quality we offer.
    • Low levels of foreign matter
       Our papers use carefully selected high-grade raw materials.
    • Paper shape stability
  4. Handling
    We accommodate the various requirements of our customers.
    • Wide variety of products
       We offer products that can be used for various applications
    • Small lots handling
    • Prompt service
       The location of the factory is particularly advantageous for sales in Southeast Asia

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.